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Research partners

This collaborative project is being undertaken by nine institutions in Europe and in endemic regions. The eleven principal investigators are indicated below together with their area of expertise.

University of Edinburgh, CTVM

Contact: Professor Ivan Morrison and
Professor Declan McKeveer (now Royal Veterinary College, London)

Bovine immunology and antigen screening

University of Bern, Divison of Molecular Pathology

Contact: Professor Dirk Dobbelaere

Cell biology

University of Glasgow, Veterinary Parasitology Group

Contact: Professor Andrew Tait and Professor Brian Sheils

Cell biology, bioinformatics, genotyping and population genetics

University of Warwick, Ecology & Epidemiology Group

Contact: Professor Graham Medley

Epidemiology and modelling

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Kenya

Contact: Dr Evans Taracha

Bovine immunology and antigen screening

L'École Nationale de Médecine Vétérinaire (ENMV), Sidi Thabet, Tunisia

Contact: Professor Mohamed Darghouth

Epidemiology, including investigation of drug resistance

Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Livestock genetics & genomics

Contact: Dr Liz Glass

Functional genomics and bovine immunology

Institut Cochin, Paris, Apicomplexan cell biology laboratory

Contact: Dr Gordon Langsley

Cell biology and bioinformatics

Adnan Menderes University, Aydin, Turkey, Veterinary Parasitology Dept.

Contact: Dr Tulin Karagenc

Epidemiology and molecular diagnostics