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An important component of the PiroVac project is the provision of post-graduate student training. The project also intends to promote the exchange of staff between members of the consortium and offer placements for scientists from endemic regions in the developing world. The criteria for selecting candidates will be co-ordinated between the steering committee and work package managers.

MSc/PhD Programme
Graduates will initially be selected for a one year MSc involving a period of six months research and training in one of the European laboratories. Generic training modules in immunology, bioinformatics or molecular biology will be undertaken within the framework of the project's objectives. Based on performance, students may be offered a further three year PhD project with a period of up to twelve months in one (or more) of the consortium's labs. The students will be based in their home country to ensure the development of good inter-laboratory links and promote dissemination of knowledge and technology.

Short-term Post-doctoral/Research assistant training
Scientists employed on the project will spend periods of between two and four months in one of the partners' laboratories to acquire specific skills, analyse data, access equipment or techniques or obtain material. These opportunities will be available to any of the partner laboratories and will be aimed at strengthening links and enhancing capability through training and techonology transfer.

Forschungszentrum Borstel

Workshop Provision
In addition to supervising postgraduate students, the Research Centre in Borstel intends to organise international technical workshops in the areas of molecular biology, diagnostics, vaccine development and bioinformatics.